Samadhi Dharma Talk For Hwagyesa

  From a lifelong pursuit that, for most of the time, remained on the surface, I found a deep practice. Although I have a great deal of respect for the structure, the practice form of the Kwan Um School Of Zen, I had to find my own way to...

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Some Other Burning

The work of Some Other Burning has been censored. Contact me directly if you want to know more about this. It was my struggle to understand the things going on around me — however, the world is not always what it seems.

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The Eternal

  The act of meditation, largely obscured in mysticism, is easy to describe. The trend toward a momentary awareness, being in the moment; in a simple, blue-collar mindset the act itself becomes a self-perpetuating enlightenment. If so, are we content to remain within the patterns we create? “Yes, I...

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Out Of Darkness..

A Dharma Talk, from Seoul International Zen Center, where I compare the tough discipline of haengja (novice Zen monk) training with the elemental forces that proved liberating, with teachings from Huang Po and Zen Master Seung Sahn. notes from the talk .. “all dharmas such as those purporting to...

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Haengja Drum 2015

vlog .. introducing a new haengja to the big drum at Hwagyesa.

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Are We Human?

“Meditation practice teaches us the larger pattern, revealing the true self. In this endless sea, can we say the fish are wrong?” Notes from the talk: If we look at society, we see the same effect on a broad scale, but putting things in order, organizing, lining up, the...

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note to a teacher..

I’m trying to push a little ahead. A style question: 가을에는 모든 낙엽이 져요. 가을은 내가 제일 좋아하는 계절이에요. 가을의 날씨는 시원하고 마음도 풍요로운 계절이에요. 하지만 가을이 끝나가고 있어요. vs 가을에는 모든 낙엽이 져요. 가을은 쓸쓸하고 침묵하며 어둡고 암담한 계절이에요. 하지만 가을은 내가 제일 좋아하는 계절이에요. 안타깝게도 (지금) 가을이...

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The Power of Kangwon Province

Watching Korean films now, to help with my Korean studies. I’ve shied away from Korean Dramas and mainstream movies for the same reason I avoid them in the States – it promotes an unattainable life that, in my experience, only leads to misery. In this I fall in with...

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The Flow

Dharma talk from the Seoul International Zen Center, September 14, 2014 Notes from the talk: Meditation is external Alignment – reason for practice life, structure of practice: design/mandala reflects this – Outward striving to create harmony – Conflict/disharmony (waste energy) “As soon as you become aware of gradually conserving...

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The Abandoned Place In Me

The structure reveals itself in its failings as well is what it aims to accomplish, though the aim is certainly under question. For instance, what are we doing? I came to Korea to ordain as a Zen monk, but there are things that need to be mastered first, namely,...

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