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This is an fb stream from earlier today, one of my favorite posters who uses fb as I do, more as a blog. In fact, I have only to archive/organize shorter pieces that would otherwise fall off the timeline into social oblivion:

CChaos CChaos – “Q. There are many meditators who have practiced for quite a while, but almost no one reports reaching the ‘thought-free’ state that you have. Few contemporary teachers even regard statements in the classical texts about ‘no thoughts’ as literal. Why don’t more meditators reach the ‘thought-free’ state?”


Me – the thought-free state arises when the rapturous state of deep meditation becomes the stronger force, or more accurately, overwhelms one. I’ve not heard this from others, only have found it in my own practice. Previously I thought it was a metaphor, because it was so difficult to clear any amount of space. To be clear, it is the rapture, the bliss of meditation that removes thought.

Me – having just read the master’s answer to the question, I affirm my previous statement. it’s impossible to suppress thinking. meditation can be a bridge to the thought-free state, but almost no one makes the leap. it’s not a battle to shut do…

CChaos CChaos – ‎”we need better instructions/instructors who actually know this process.” exactly.

Me – I’m curious how other adepts view this – I haven’t heard anything beyond cryptic/archaic language that could mean anything. For instance, my teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, would say, “Non-attachment thinking is no thinking.” It’s down the center, but the phrase can easily become a mantra of ones undoing! Ha ha!

CChaos CChaos – you might find this interesting. “In April, I posted a blog about a medical condition I’m interested in. The condition is sometimes referred to as “athymhormic syndrome” and sometimes as PAP (French: perte d’auto-activation psychique, i.e….

A Stroke of Insight?

Me – interesting – looks like there aren’t any shortcuts, yet. unfortunately, you have to define the self before it can be surmounted, use your entire being to apprehend mind – the pesky concerns of becoming an individual must be quite settled. I believe it is more than simply stilling the mind, more a re-engagement with the Absolute at it’s level, meaning taking in all things at once, with complete equanimity, to be completely immersed, submerged in the biosphere, in all sentient life. it takes a lot to open up this way. it’s a kind of brilliance, wisdom that takes a lifetime to accrue. it’s not simply switching off certain areas of the brain.

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