the external work that enables the quantum state..

This work was inspired by a series of events in a subjective sense, as the environment itself did not provide a breach. There were no clues apparent, there never are. There is a door, one that no one seems to be able to penetrate (by no one I mean hardly no one, a statistical errata). This door, a necessary component of individual consciousness does not exist empirically, more a quantum state, where, when the individual is aligned with it properly it ceases to exist. The previous vlog Meditation is External refers to this work as the crucial element of meditation, that it is, in fact, external. I know countless Zen warriors who operate flawlessly in the world of form, yet the door remains impervious to them. One thing about the work, it’s unmistakable when one has gained access, and when one has not. I used to think that it was like a marriage or alliance with the Absolute, where a conscious choice was made to side with the source rather than its emanations. In the last few days I’ve come to see there is no choice, only a deeper understanding of reality.
The two video essays, Chrysalis and Meditation is External, reveal the running theme of this winter’s kyol-che. Set in a quiet, beautiful Zen monastery above Yesan, South Korea, a small group of Zen monks, all very experienced, sat together, went out for frequent hot baths, dinners, ceremonies – a very busy environment in spite of the austere setting. To add to this (why not?) the majority of the retreat was devoted to helping an old friend/compatriot/Zen brother get the medical care he needed, traveling to a neighboring city an hour away for medical tests and treatments, by car, bus, and train. In the end it was a very powerful retreat, but not in the traditional sense. It was a kyol-che in motion, tight when there weren’t other demands, loose when the Korean monks notified us of a new obligation, or reward. The schedule morphed around them and the demands of their deep culture, which was trying for some of us, liberating for others. But we had the great ease in the powerful currents, a team of foreigners well-tuned to the inexorable force of Korean society, who offered no resistance.
The kyol-che was very powerful, enormous things… which you’ll hear about soon enough. For now, as the time together with our small group quickly draws to a close, the Serbian, the Lithuanian, and the Pole flying to far corners of the globe, I celebrate the time with them, and thank you Hyang Chon Sa…

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  1. Finally I’m able to see your site. It all looks so beguiling. Love the look of peace and tranquility. I’m still at jenny’s, awaiting John’s surgery. He has had a cold which has delayed the surgery.
    Love seeing you and looking at all the pictures. Will be glad to see and hear from you again. I know I missed one call. I was so sorry to have missed it. Love you and ,miss you Mom

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