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Two friends have mentioned karma in the last 12 hours, so in the interest of keeping things tidy, I have a few things. In my own experience, the world of existence and its source have two distinct states, the dualistic, karma-ridden, imperfect reality, and the Absolute. Everything springs from the Absolute, the source, which can be observed, though this is something quite difficult to achieve. To attain the point of view of the Absolute is to abolish dualism, and with it, karma. Instead of laboring over an apt description of this, I have a quote from my own work, The Zen Revolution:

“The retreat began to glow with the light of practice. It was easy to give myself to it fully. The light came in differently after the experience in Korea, more quiet, more constant — enormous. No longer a glowing core but a mind state emanating everywhere at once. With no distractions other than my own troubled affairs, it wasn’t long before I entered deeply into the field of the Absolute. Along with this immediacy the concerns of the world would find their way in: all my things hidden in a wine cellar in Los Angeles, my projects on a thin lifeline, all the old family karma that surfaced when I entered the old woods. Between these two worlds I toiled insolubly, regardless of what came into view. Hour after hour the two realms captured me and were left untouched. As I came logically to loathe the turmoil at the surface, the light of the Absolute became dominant, became more and more accessible, and each time a new ground, a higher vibration, a deeper level of rapture. As the way was trammeled back and forth from the phenomenal world to the Absolute, the gate between the two was gradually worn through, until it was dissolved in the fire of practice. I was suddenly aware that the fabric of life, all aspects of it, were emanations of the Absolute, all of it cherished, loved, of divine form and symmetry, every piece of it! Yet I was still caught between the two, taken by the sound of a kingfisher as it plunged into the pond, transfixed by the rapture emanating from the core — each remaining distinct. Not one, not two! As I acclimated to the new flow of energy I began to see the teaching words and slogans as misleading — impossible to understand the way they were presented. I could see the original intention, but more clearly the quagmire in which most were trapped, repeating phrases with a fervor often mistaken for insight. Does anyone understand these words? All the teachings should be seen as a vast koan —whatever meaning can be gleaned from them should be discarded. It is not the real meaning. It will come later, when all the words are anymore meaningless, worthless against the brilliance of the original mind. When you’re bathed in the rapture of the Absolute there will be a considerable amusement and satisfaction at pulling out a quaint expression of the dharma — so pretty and arcane and courageous, and nothing like the truth.”

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