fb stream on Zen and social media..

early, unreleased cover art for The Zen Revolution..

LG – One of the great things about Facebook is you can get to see self-proclaimed Buddhists arguing and fighting each other – not something one sees often in life.

me – nearly every old cat I know refuses to post, though they are out there. what I often see here are the new wave trying to figure it out.

LG – As Tom Stoppard put it, “It would have been nice to have had unicorns.”

AK – well of you dont see them period unless you go to a zendo or sanghas where u just sit in meditation together and collect teishos like t shirts.its not the place to debate or dialogue.ya got to go to the temple synogog imn new york where the curky lock hassids throw potatoe chips at each other while debating the meaning of a torah passage lol…well if those old cats spoke from the hip you might not appreciate them anyways..also if they think they are old cats going by they better gear up for the new wave because they need it too and havent figured “it” out

AK – maybe old farts are just tired 😉

me – I don’t understand the dharma blackout on social media – Is it regarded as inferior or destructive or somehow dirty? Are the pantheon of reigning dharma Gods the blue collar variety and simply have nothing new to offer? Do the overlords of the hierarchy prohibit these types of exchanges, or somehow frown on them, instilling fear in all (hierarchy = if you make a mistake, you’re out)?
Is communication necessary? To me it’s kindof like scientists letting creationists have the floor, even though they have storehouses of proof to the contrary. No need to actually take part in civilization..

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