Magik Markers – BOSS – art and lyrics

I wasn’t able to find a complete set of lyrics to this magnificent album, so tracked down a promo release that had an enclosed booklet. Scans and lyrics follow:






Axis Mundi

Tell me a story where you don’t come home
And steady waters wear the stone
Tell me a story where you leave your home
and ditch her sitting wishing bones

Look at yourself and what do you see?
The fat skin of eve has made a devil out of me
Lord loose the women and light the fires
‘Ain’t love that makes me,’ smiles the liar

The bucked math of cells does not agree
Divide, divide to multiply me
Bringing up the rear with whiskey and clouds
Ain’t grief or glory makes me bow

You’re a strange strong tree with branches black
You whisper and shake to attack
Until the wood is loud with bit flesh howls
And dogs are dizzy with blood wet jowls

I left my stink like a mink’s dead gland
All over your mouth, all over your hand
Cut cut unto that sweet (blue) bird’s throat
And sew for me a feathered coat

I scoop out just one eye and the well washed it clean
I’m just getting my own, I’m not being mean
I’ve come to collect the rightfully mine
Who slipped from my string as I let it untwine

I see what is coming with the eye I lost
The well cleans it open, water tossed
I know who will betray me before they do
And I set to punishing the many and the few

Don’t ask me to tell you what I know
Leave your eye in the well and let it go
From the nervous gnashed teeth I made stones
And the weak flesh I give bones

Now this the story where you don’t go home
And the ready ocean stole the stone
This is the story where I am your home.
And we leave those others all alone




Body Rot

I got a body rot
My go dead is what I got

I gotta decay
I got no way

I got a shake seize
l got a disease

Days go by and the black gets bigger
This gun was born pulled trigger

l got a body rot
My go dead is what l got

l gotta decay
l got no say




Last of the Lemach Line

I am the secular Pentecost
Squeezing out the blue snake
I never count what I lost
Just what l take

I’m gone from the garden with a gun
You know I don’t want to hurt no one
Your 8 letters spelling out the sun
Not like me to leave a job undone

Wet monks clink bottles
Like bells
We mouth the paradise
And anticipate hell

She said to me
My mouth is open to show I’m hungry
All this peace just ached for the enemy
I stare crazy at things I know you don’t see
I am gonna eat them up before they eat me

All you undisturbed cities, don’t you ever long for the enemy?

So now we’re in the garden with a gun
Living in the Kingdom’s first time come
Her 3 letters spelling out the sun
Making sure that we’re the only ones




Empty Bottles

Like I luck, like a star
You been getting old now;
Stay young, you’ll go far
Leave your bedroom door ajar

I’m gonna make you a star
In the hills, on the plains, in the lights
They’ll all see you baby
They’ll say, yeah all right

I take you onto your knees
In the day, in the dark in the night
You know empty bottles,
You know it’s all right

You make your way through the night
Like a bird robbed of flight
Limping on your short legs
You stumble and you beg

You watch the rich with their ease, with their cash,
with their sleep, with their beds
The sleep they get is wicked,
A pin-fed Camel’s head
Tell yourself that or you’re dead

We been waiting here all night
For a glimpse of the light that you fake
We don’t need it real, now,
we just need it to make

Lets all get on our knees
To the day, to the dark, to the night.
You know empty bottles, you know its alright.
Its alright and I said please.





The only car on the raw sheer highway is riding
The stars for him are only coat lining
You cannot sweat a piebald horse and make it a steed
I cannot take your want and make it a need

People keep wasting you, wasting you
Just to get a taste of you
They’ve been wasting you
Wasting you
Just to get a taste of you

Ted saw a black man’s lips
And a movie star’s blond
He shook her little bobby socks
Until the thrill was gone

Then her legs got blue like kali
And her wet red mouth grew teeth
And no matter how many women died for him
Hughes can get to sleep

He had tasted her tasted her
Smiled right into the base of her
He kept racing her, racing her
And stayed alive; outpacing her

Blue bore the quiet land the best that he could
He learned war and silent and understood
The fleshy pages of women wet in the rain
The rising water feeling no pain feeling no pain

Alone waits in him, aches in him
Takes up more than it makes of him
Alone shakes in him hates in him
Thrums in the subway grate of him

Shel gathered rocks and twigs in her skirt
Shel got the tired drug to make her get hurt
She ordered nature to her design
She went to sleep and dream and it felt more fine it felt
more fine

That drug banked on her, blanked for her
Never bowed to the higher rank in her
It low sank in her, drank in her
Never bothered with thanking her

They keep wasting me, wasting me
Eating up more than a taste of me
This time shakes in me, takes of me
Uses up more than it makes of me




Four/The Ballad of Harry Angstrom

I admit it is a death trip
I tried on but it don’t fit
The green breast became a red light
I open my arms in this black night

You hate what you been lookin for
Hid myself right in the front door
Rust corrupts completely
Aww your knees they bend so sweetly

You’re just ‘waitin on a friend’
Don’t borrow if you can’t lend
Now watch just like you pray
Smilin’ oysters on judgment day

Still the paint shivered oceans
Smoothed saints with peach lotion
It is the bees that died off and didn’t come back
It is Catherine on the rack

Wishing you had just one hour back

I slack the spindle of necessity
The words strangle this story

Dip your finger in the water lay it on my tongue

Love gives way to avarice;
Huh, did you think you could beat this?

This is this way into the woe
I have a skill for reaping as I sow
You were raised, bur you weren’t told
Hell ain’t hot; it burns ice cold

Beyond Time I stand
Thieves and hypocrites in my hand
This is the place where the rivers drain
The furthest point from the cain

Let us lead those sheep
This climb is uphill and steep

Fear him; he is the one who should be feared

Let indolent depravity save you
From noble lies and vanity

I am a method in his plains
Well, who do you have to blame?

I said, Water, water, water.

It is always the same with end of time,
all routes lead to the same line.
I admit it is a death trip I tried it on, but it don’t fit

I went slack

I couldn’t handle it
I prayed and it all went limp
I slack the spindle of necessity
The words strangle this story

You ask, what is his plan?




Bad Dream/Hanford’s Beat Suite

I had a bad dream
Its gonna make you go
Of finding a thumb in my pocket
And things you don’t know

I pulled out the thumb
Stuck black with blood still
I knew just where it came from
I remembered the kill

If you have not lived it, it is not true
I’m animal haunted by god and you

You came back alive
When you should have been dead
The shavings of skin and Chantilly
The bottledye red

With all of my love
I wished you back dead,
Ghosts and rocks and fingers
Rattling in my head

You never are just what you seem
To fight my sleep I must know I dream

I had a bad dream
Its gonna make you go
Of bones and blood by the water
And things you don’t know





Let the fat sun eat the day
Now with the oil grimace and pray

Static comes in easy
My wet youth just made me queasy

Now grey rain wets your hollow head
You chew and jaw and then you’re dead

The locks stand to key themselves
Lookin for me or someone else

Run to the road or stay home
The strangers hands move on alone

Open your arms as you leave the shore

Open your arms as you leave the shore

Now the chords of America

Play me the chords of America

Click the lock
And screw the vice

This is a circle
This is a circle




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