Some Other Burning


The work of Some Other Burning has been censored. Contact me directly if you want to know more about this. It was my struggle to understand the things going on around me — however, the world is not always what it seems.

2 thoughts on “Some Other Burning

  1. on kwang sunim says:

    why was it censored? and what is what about? oh kwang sunim asks

    1. won il says:

      thank you Sunim. I’m very straight. The details I uncovered, how this thing resolved, were uncomfortable, to a least a few people. I had no intention of playing detective, just trying to get through difficult emotions. Unfortunately, it did not involve just me. This morning I received this email:

      Some Bhikkunis and Bhikkus have read your writings on the internet and talked to me. The writings are harming your reputation as a Sunim and the reputation of others. People know who the writings are about, so they are also harming others. Take them all down quickly. Don’t post anything on the internet. This is important.

      If you must write, don’t display it to others. Mind is originally empty. Put down my situation, my condition, my function, then the correct situation, condition and function appear. So put it all down! That is Buddha’s mind.

      I haven’t thought about the writing. It’s important, I know, but not yet. Check your email..

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