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Out Of Darkness..

A Dharma Talk, from Seoul International Zen Center, where I compare the tough discipline of haengja (novice Zen monk) training with the elemental forces that proved liberating, with teachings from Huang Po and Zen Master Seung Sahn. notes from the talk .. “all dharmas such as those purporting to...

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Being Great and Death

A friend recently jibed that I was obsessed with being great and death. I agreed, laughing secretly, but the laughter rang on the hollow wall of half-truths, and so was ultimately unsatisfying. There was an enormous rift between the jibe and my obsession, which isn’t even the right word....

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A modern well of solitude..

As I struggle to employ myself in something other than construction work, I step soundly on the pavement. This year will be telling, but the drama does not often pull me from the work. The quiet pervades. Though I’m doing some complicated projects that may never pan out, I...

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