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The Return

from kyol-che, from the muddy fields of my youth, the lack of companionship that drove me to roam the fields, to bond with nature in its element, the rudimentary steps of meditation. Summer vacations were interminable, but the cycle established there grew and blossomed in the Kwan Um, with...

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Elements of Spatial Dissonance

Warning – This post may be slightly radioactive..   From a conversation I recently had with a haengjanim (novice monk) who appeared at Hyang Chon Sa during winter kyol-che (ango). These words have returned often during this season, pointing to the social environment of Korean Zen. The opening calligraphy,...

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kyol-che 2012

a few days before kyol-che in south Chungcheong province – Hyang Chon Sa..

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