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  Planted in a warmed cabin of travelers, a discount airline, busy, one thousand high crackling wires not yet disconnected. For some there would never be a lapse   Already I feel a shift, a change in the subcurrents, the focus, the reasoning, the alignment of everything necessary to...

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On the road..

  Good to be racing across the continent, this time lunging from overpass to speed trap aboard a vinyl-clad bus filled with Cinco de Mayo dropouts and a few towering hats. Do we need to attract more attention? The sun flares through the pines causing my troubled image to...

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Day retreat..

Dust still hangs in the air from the morning’s hunt for all sorts of small things that roll under other things. Some of them remain hidden, or lost.  My eyes still busy, I find myself reading the faces of people as they drive past, their driving masks. The police...

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