the editor

Signed on a new play, as a filmmaker, with friends at Dharma Zen Center and the greater Los Angeles area, I’m doing some graphic design and producing a short video for their kickstarter campaign. The play, Desert Island, will open November 3 – 4 at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. As an editor, I’m again thrown to the dogs of data gathering and sorting, only this time I have a team ahead of me filtering through the pile. As always, editing is in the eye of the beholder, but I have a few things..

There are a manifestations of patterns when editing a video, as in life, that dictate the flow. They inform where to slice, not only toward establishing cuts on the beat, the synchronic movements, but also to the natural flaws in the work itself – the random glitches, breaks, mouth closings, gestures. It’s all a bizarre chain of interaction only visible in the timeline, zoomed in frame by frame. No one knows the story as well as the editor, who randomly destroys and creates new iterations on the strength of a particular image. The process is incredibly arbitrary, though there is some order – the natural cues go first, then the audio cues, then, if all else fails, you cut to the beat.

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