The Flow

Dharma talk from the Seoul International Zen Center, September 14, 2014

Notes from the talk:

Meditation is external

Alignment – reason for practice life, structure of practice: design/mandala reflects this

– Outward striving to create harmony

– Conflict/disharmony (waste energy)

“As soon as you become aware of gradually conserving power in the midst of the afflictions of daily activities, this is where a person acquires power. This is how a person achieves Buddhahood and becomes an ancestral teacher, this is how a person changes hell into heaven, this is where a person sits in peace, this is where a person gets out of birth and death, this is where a person becomes sovereign above the ancient emperors Yao and Shun, this is where a person raises the weary people from misery, this is where a person brings prosperity to his adopted descendants. At this point it’s extraneous to speak of Buddhas or ancestral teachers, of mind or nature, of the original or the wondrous, of principle or phenomena, or of good or bad…” – Ta Hui – Swampland Flowers

“…If you can believe in these words, this is what Yung Chia meant when he said, “Walking is also meditation; sitting is also meditation; speaking or silent, moving or still, the body is at rest.” These are not empty words: please act according to them, without ever changing. Then, although you have not yet witnessed the scenery of your own fundamental state fully, though you have not yet seen your own original face clearly, what was raw will become ripe, and what was stale will become fresh. Be sure to remember: where you save power is where you gain power.” – Ta Hui – Swampland Flowers

“Both torpor and excitation were condemned by the former sages. When you’re sitting quietly, as soon as you feel the presence of either of these two diseases, just bring up the saying, “A dog has no Buddha-nature.” Don’t exert effort to push away these two kinds of disease—just be peaceful and still right there. Over a long time, as you become aware of saving power, this is the place where you gain power. Nor do you have to engage in quiet meditation—this itself is meditation.” – Ta Hui – Swampland Flowers

Bikkuni flow teaching / alignment / liberation – the deal has to be made, the self overthrown.

Conserve energy – flow: if you refrain from reacting, losing yourself in the exchange, stay apart from the, reserve, then you can master it, guide, interact with it affectively. You have the power to align yourself with it, to match frequencies… Equalize, consume, digest. It is a completely different world. It has to be the right time. The deal has to be made, the self overthrown.

– Flow: wisdom of life is the conservation of energy, allowing the thing to unfold in its own way, without interfering.

– Trust

– Ego: does it require your input? Do you need to make more karma?

If you can operate cleanly within chaos, then you will gain power, another aspect of not making anything (karma). This is like harnessing the sun – how much energy is blasted out into space? We don’t know yet – how to use it… We’re destroying this world, each other.

– Pattern:  DSSN’s teaching practice pattern, become aware of larger patterns in nature, to operate cleanly in your environment, is a practice, an expression of enlightenment, a perfection of manifesting, reflecting, the Mandala (explain mandala) – the meaning of hierarchy.

Meditation on the cushion is the furnace, the forging/alchemy that frees the bonds. Outside form are both a continuation of this – it’s outward expression – and its true face, a workshop for developing facilities, resting… It’s everything. Ultimately it is the pattern itself.

– Chaos theory: expressing itself through us… That we have the courage to see it, for instance. To allow things to unfold in their own way, to observe, to learn, to truly express, appreciate the work of the absolute, the field of weeds.

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