The Revolution Continues…

In South Korea again, I found my way back to Shin Won Sa, where much of The Zen Revolution transpired/was written. The Gye Ryong Mountains…
Gye Ryong Mountain range
Gye Ryong Mountain range
It was striking how different it looked (after 16 short years). The Zen Hall…
Zen Hall
Zen Hall
Zen Hall and Shower Room
…is now a junk art room…
Zen Hall - Interior
though a familiar Buddha remains behind glass.
Zen Hall - Buddha Behind Glass
At dinner that night, which is significant in that kyol-che has been one long Italian dinner, if I were to make an analogy. One long night with the family, harmonious, caring, all of us with different approaches to the path, doing the work.
The head monk laughed and said, “What would you write about this? ‘The monks had a serving of rice noodles?'”
I plunged into the history of the autobiographical novel – Celine, H. Miller, HST… he’d never read these. Picasso? Frank Zappa? Nothing is more absurd than Zen, a dark night beyond the scope of existentialism, there is no greater ground for the literary form.
“The great way has no gate.” – Zen Master Seung Sahn
Of course the absurd is rooted in reality. Peter Higgs came up with the theory of the Higgs Boson when he noticed snow had accumulated on his shoe. For Henry Miller, it was his sexual exploits, Celine, through the trials of war, Camus’s Algeria, Dostoyevsky’s Russian revolution…
Is, “The dinner was a quaking bomb that ended with the four of us on our stomachs, like flounders…” the beginning of another Revolution?
Muk Tong Sunim "kap shi da"

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