The Zen Revolution Audiobook

The audiobook is nearly complete. I’m adding a new introduction and a few tweaks to make it a better listening experience. A new edition of the book and eBook are planned as well, all before I fly out on the 20th for kyol-che. If you haven’t experienced the revolution, wait a few more days..

after mentioning this on google plus, Pierre had a few questions:
Pierre Johnson – What is the book about? Is it your take on gaining insight through meditation?

Henry Grevemberg – yes, but written as an autobiographical novel with a muscular prose in the tradition of Henry Miller and Hunter S. Thompson. More here:
portal site
Pierre Johnson – Cool, why the word revolution in the title?

Henry Grevemberg – you’d have to read it, but essentially it’s a struggle with the institution, to learn the framework then abolish it, what I found necessary to finally break through.
scribd edition – free
Pierre Johnson – Ah. So what does institution mean to you as you say it here?
I’ve gone to your site. It has an appealing layout.
I’ve skimmed through the pdf — all-consuming Louisiana forest, something about NYC and then Los Angeles and the desert.

Henry Grevemberg – it boils down to an enlightened master setting up a second tier to carry on the tradition who do not have the illumination of the founder. add to this politics and other aspects of spiritual materialism, the group becomes a quagmire for all those striving for the truth – especially when the master dies, as no one is qualified to guide you through the process of dismantling the ego, breaking through the wall. If you have a deep experience, you may well find you’re on your own.

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