The Zen Revolution

The American spirit of self-reliance goes hand in hand with the mystical tradition of Zen — yet it hasn’t found its own bare wire. The best revolution, and the domain of the Zen adept, is an inner one. The Zen Revolution reads like a novel, each compelling chapter revealing another nuance — the whole gamut, from origin to fiery culmination. Delving into both the spiritual and worldly aspects with equal candor, The Zen Revolution takes on the basic question of existence, perhaps the most important question we face. There’s a new adventure in every chapter, leading to an eventual breakthrough — something nearly unheard of in the Zen literature of the West.

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or, for those who prefer the tangible, professionally typeset, old-fashioned paper version: The Zen Revolution – book

the kindle version, easier to manage if you own one of their wonderful devices: The Zen Revolution – kindle

the podcast – why bother with the written word? Subscribe: Apple, Android (and everyone else) .. A few sample chapters ..

Chapter One – Fall to the Ground The story begins in the Louisiana wilderness. Bumper music is Queen Adreena – Drink Me – Sleeping Pill.

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Chapter Two – The Call to Practice – author H. Grevemberg reads from the back matter of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis – Wilhelm Emrich – The Animal as Liberating Self – Modern Alienation and it’s Law – before delving into chapter two of the Revolution. Bumper music is Blonde Redhead – La Mia Vita Voilenta – Jewel.

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Chapter Three – Open Season – author H. Grevemberg reads from the fourth chapter of Andre’ Gide’s The Immoralist before diving into the material. The bumper music is Sonic Youth – Anagrama – Tremens.

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the audiobook is now available through Audible ..

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