Zen Master Su Bul visits UCLA


a very interesting Zen Master from Tong Do Sa, where I did the Haengja Kyoruk.. this is an English translation of Zen Master Su Bul’s introduction to Zen. From the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies, “Zen Master Su Bul Sunim teaches a uniquely Korean Buddhist style of ‘Zen questioning meditation’ (Kanhwa Sŏn) which explores the deepest recesses of one’s personal identity and sense of self. This type of meditation, which has been taught in Korea for over 800 years, has some similarities to the kōan practice of Japanese Zen, but it developed in Korea centuries earlier. This way of practice was traditionally taught only to monks sequestered for years in full-time meditation. In this talk, Su Bul Sunim will explain his approach to ‘questioning meditation’ and discuss his successes in adapting it to the needs of laypeople in modern secular society. ”


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